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Prefabricated (PRC) Houses Explained

In the United Kingdom the word ‘prefab’  or 'PRC' is often associated with a specific type of prefabricated concrete house.  Prefabricated concrete houses were built in large numbers after the Second World War,  such as Airey houses, as a temporary replacement for housing that had been destroyed by bombs. Other well known prefabricated (PRC) houses are called Wates houses, Cornish houses, Unity houses and Reema houses.  
Despite the intention that these dwellings would be a strictly temporary measure, many are still inhabited now. 

What is a PRC Certificate?

Mortgage lenders require a  PRC certificate to confirm that the PRC repair has been carried out to a mortgage approved standard.  This then the mortgage lender to lend money. 

Our Specialist Structural Engineer will issue a PRC certificate at end of the repair. Our Structural Engineer has over 25 years experience in PRC house repairs.

Authority PRC Repair and PRC Certificate

Before you choose to repair your house or buy a PRC Certificate please call your local Authority to check if your house has a PRC certificate already.

Many PRC houses have been repaired over the last 30 years by Local Authorities and many of these houses have been repaired to a mortgage approved scheme, therefore they are accepted by mortgage lenders. 

Always check with the Local Authority or PRC Company to see if a copy of the original PRC Repairs certificate can be found as this can save you a lot of time and money.

Right to Buy Discounts and PRC Repair

Most high street lenders will not offer PRC repair mortgages until your PRC property has been repaired and a PRC certificate of completion issued.  Unknown lenders might lend without a PRC Certificate, but the interest rates are normally very high.

A high street lender that we have worked closely with is the Halifax. They have been lending on PRC houses for many years. The Halifax will arrange a mortgage in principle why you wait for your repair to commence.  Once your mortgage is agreed the Halifax will release part 1 of your mortgage to the Council to buy your Council house.  After the repair has been completed and the PRC certificate issued, the Halifax will then release part 2 of the mortgage to the builder.  Depending on your credit the Halifax can also lend without a deposit.


PRC Home Owners

Owning your PRC house is a great achievement.  PRC houses tend to be large properties in great locations.  The only downside to a owning a PRC property is that their appearance can let them down. Let us help you be as 'house proud' about the outside of your house as you are about the inside!   If you would like to repair your PRC house re -mortgaging your PRC house is usually quite straight forward. Many high street lenders will lend at normal interest rates.  If you contact your lender they should be able to offer you a mortgage in principle to cover the cost of the PRC repairs,  Once the mortgage is agreed, the repairs are complete and signed off by the structural engineer, the lender will release the funds.   

Questions & Answers

If you have any questions that we have not covered on our website, please feel free to give us a call.

Georgina Davie PRC Consultant: 07402373232

Adam Groves Specialist PRC Builder:07729703898