“Quicker than expected.”

The repair took 6 weeks from start to finish.  Amazing company I would highly recommend.— D.M. 

“Nothing was too much trouble”

 The builders went out of their way to explain the whole process and make me feel at ease.  They were friendly, on time and very approachable.  They gave me addresses of houses that they had repaired in my area so I could ask other customers how they felt about the company and see the work first hand.  - T.L.

“Quiet and peaceful.”

 Before my house was repaired, I did not realise how much noise I had got used to listening to.  After the repair, my house became so much quieter.  My friends and family have to knock extra loudly now so I can hear them.— L.G. 

“Lots of choices”

My package price included everything, labour, skips, all building materials and my PRC Certificate.  I also had the choice of bricks, new UPVC windows and a new UPVC door within the price. - G.D.

“Extremely affordable”

I applied for a mortgage with the Halifax which covered the cost to buy my council house plus included the cost of the repair.  I was lucky enough to receive a council discount on my house for being a long term tenant.  I had a  100% mortgage with NO deposit.  After doing some research I found it was It was cheaper to buy my 3 bed council house than it was to buy a one bed flat in the same area.  I am so glad I did it.  My monthly repayments are cheaper than my old council rent was  — M.L. 

“My house is so much warmer now”

Since having the repair on my house, the house is so much warmer and my heating bills have decreased. No more drafts or damp walls! - J.W.